NYC Dog Hiking

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NYC Dog Walking

NYC Dog Walking

A dog walker is a big part of a NYC dog's life. All dogs need to feel safe while their owner is away. Developing a relationship with each dog is what we strive for. A NYC dog needs a strong bond with their dog walker to feel safe and happy. Our extensive experience with various breeds allows us to implement a dog-walking schedule that will work for you and your dog. Exercise, socialization and lots of love are key elements in a NYC dog's life. They reduce stress and create a happier more content canine.

1 Hour - $25.00
Half Hour -$20.00

Walks before 9am and after 5pm and weekends add $5.00, Holidays add $10.00.

We require a 4 day a week schedule to lock in these rates.

Our flexibility will accomadate any hectic schedule. A late night at the office. a night out with friends or any other obligation, we will accomadate you. Our NYC dog walkers assist with vet appointments, grooming appointments and any other need pertaining to your pets happiness.